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Physician Consultation

Physician Consultation

Dr. Greenfield will have questions for you. Most importantly, however, he will do his best to answer your questions. He will focus on what is most important to YOU.

In-person or Online

(must live in North Carolina or Arkansas, states where Dr. Greenfield is licensed) on Wednesdays, Thursday mornings, and on Fridays.


A total of 2.5 hours - 90-minute initial visit plus 60-minute follow-up within 6 months.

New / Individual

90-minute Initial visit only.

Established Patient Individual

60-minute follow-up visit after 6 months.

If visit takes place one year or more after initial meeting it is considered a new / individual patient visit.

Please note

Dr. Greenfield is not a primary care doctor and requests that you have one to help you manage ongoing health concerns. He does not offer Functional Medicine or natural hormone therapy.

Dr. Greenfield does not accept health insurance so payment is required at the time of your visit. A Superbill will be provided so that you may attempt to secure reimbursement from your insurance company. 

Dr. Greenfield has opted out of Medicare reimbursement – if you are over 65 years of age you will be asked to sign a Medicare waiver prior to meeting with him.

Financial stress is real and harmful – should you be unable to afford to meet with Dr. Greenfield the office will work with you so that you can, and with peace of mind.

Your Health And Wellbeing Deserve Better

Ready to Get Started?

RGMD, PLLC is Dr. Greenfield’s private medical practice where he can partner with you towards the co-creation of an optimal health program focusing on what is most important to YOU.

Why Choose Russell Greenfield, M.D.?

Stay safe

Not everything that is natural is safe. Dr. Greenfield is a conventional medical doctor with unique training in Integrative Medicine. Options offered are evidence-informed, and an Integrative Pharmacist is part of the team.

Take control of what you can

Illness can be stressful. One way to manage stress is to be an active participant in your optimal health program – in ways reasonable and even enjoyable.

Support your innate healing capacity

You already possess the gift of healing. Working together we will aim to support and activate the healing potential within you.

Be kind with yourself

Speak your truth, and Dr. Greenfield will hear. He understands that kindness towards oneself is the centerpiece of healing.

Expand your trusted healing community

Personalized recommendations can be shared with your other health care practitioners.

Ask your questions

No judgements, just credible answers.